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Tiretherm TT 350 - Reifenwärmer

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Tiretherm TT 350 - Tire warmer


What is Tiretherme?

Tiretherm is a made-up word, which is build by TIRE and THERM (temperature).
Tiretherm is a tire warmer, which warmes your tires befor mounting them on a car. By warming the tires the material is getting softer so the assembling will get easier.

Why Tiretherm

  • Stress-free reduction of assambly - and disassembly - power of up to 50%
  • Easy to operate thanks to characteristic control
  • Simply enter tire temperature
  • Fast and risk free accomplishment of core tire temperature from 24°C-27°C using the patent registered system
  • Fast amortization due to short and damage free mounting of UHP and RunFlat tires
  • Time saving through faster mounting of the warmed up tires
  • Easy to operate. Simply set up and load connected value: 230V/16A

Special field of application

The Ultra High Performance (UHP) tires and the wheels with emergency running properties (RunFlat) have been accepted by the market and according to BRV have a 25% share of the tire replacement business.
After heating of the tires from 21°C auf 25°C  the decrease of mounting power was determined up to 50%.

This protects your machines and certainly your customers tires.

Tiretherm TT 350 - Tire warmer

Technical data:

Size (LxWxH)   970 x 910 x 920mm
Weight 70kg
Max. wheel diameter   22 inch
Electrical supply data 230V / 50Hz / 16A
Heating power 3,5kW

We reserve the right to make technical modifications.

Tiretherm TT 350 - Tire warmer

Tiretherm TT 350 - Tire warmer
Warming of wheels and tires
k. A.
Production clearance:
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Reifenheizer Tiretherm 350

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